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Portable cooler/ice box. Have heard it referred to as "chillibin" or similar by Eastern States people. Obviously a trade name: How much ice do you think we should get for the esky? [Trademark; from esk(imo) + -y, diminutive suffix]

Contributor's comments: I grew up in central NSW and have always know it as an esky.

Contributor's comments: Esky is mapped as being a Western Australian word but it is used all over the country. I have lived in 3 states [all eastern seaboard] and it is used in every one of them ... I think you need to update your map.

Editor's comments: It is possible that this is known throughout the land. However, it would be nice to make sure. Apart from WA and NSW which other states use esky? Does anyone in Australia use "chillybin"?

Contributor's comments: Esky is a common term in northern NSW on the coast at least. I have some NZ friends and they call them chilly bins.

Contributor's comments: Commonly used in Adelaide.

Contributor's comments: The original esky was made by Malleys, steel construction.

Contributor's comments: I don't know anybody in Qld, NSW, Vic, SA or ACT who refers to that essential piece of equipment as anything other than "Esky".

Contributor's comments: I have also heard the term "car fridge" from Victorians.

Contributor's comments: have several friends in melbourne who call an esky a "car fridge"

Contributor's comments: You don't have Esky down for Brisbane. It is used in Brisbane. It is a national word as far as I can tell - not a regionalism.

Contributor's comments: It's always been an Esky for me in Melbourne, although you could use the term car fridge. As far as I know chilly bin comes from New Zealand, I've never heard it used in Australia.

Contributor's comments: Chillybin is the New Zealand term for esky.

Contributor's comments: With the different varieties available I have also heard the 'esky' refered to as a 'cooler' lately. 'Car fridges' in my area are the 12 volt plug in types, not the ones that need ice added to keep the contents cool.