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noun a dressing table.
Contributor's comments: Piece of bedroom furniture, with drawers and mirror. I think may only be used by Queenslanders: "I keep my brush, comb and mirror set on the duchess."

Contributor's comments: I moved to the North Coast of NSW in 1960 and discovered they used duchess for dress table.

Contributor's comments: [Bega informant] dressing table: "Put the mirror on the duchess."

Contributor's comments: A dressing table with mirror in the bed room: "My hairbrush is on the duchess." (Queensland)

Contributor's comments: Otherwise known as a bedroom dresser, or dressing table: "Can you get my hairbrush - it's on the duchess?"

Contributor's comments: Embroidered three or four place mats for the dressing table were known as duchesse sets in our family, living in Western Victoria. Until I read Australian Style, I had not heard of duchesse as a piece of furniture. Indeed I imagined the spelling "Duchesse Set" to be "Duchess Set", with regal connotations.