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divvy van

Victoria Police version of a paddy wagon: These four are drunk. Can't put them in the car, we'll need to call a divvy van. Compare bull wagon, bun wagon, paddy wagon.

Contributor's comments: A police panel wagon, short for divisional van. At the cricket, when a drunk or rowdy person was escorted out of the ground, we'd all chant, "You're goin' home in the back of a divi-van".

Contributor's comments: Divisional van, a van used by the police, a paddy wagon: "As in the cry at the cricket, when someone is arrested, "You're goin' home in the back of a divvy van", clap clap clappity clap, clappity clap clap, clap clap."

Contributor's comments: I'm originally from Brisbane, and when I moved to Melbourne for a while a couple of years ago, I used to hear on the news about this "divvy van". I heard it a few times and had no idea what it meant until I got around to asking a native Melburnian. She thought it was hilarious that we call it a paddy wagon in QLD.