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a deck hand on a fishing boat especially for cray fishing: The deckie pulled the craypot over the side of the boat.

Editor's comments: Perhaps this is just a slang term rather than a regionalism, especially since it seems to be used wherever there are deckhands to be found.

Contributor's comments: The term "deckie" was certainly used in Mackay, Central Queensland, in the '70s for a person on a charter fishing boat who was an "odd-jobs" man for the skipper and cook.

Contributor's comments: This term is also widely used in Queensland fisheries.

Contributor's comments: Also used in South East of South Australia.

Contributor's comments: Deckie is also used on fishing and plesure boats on the east coast and has been for at least 25 years that I know of as I thought it was already in the dictionary.

Contributor's comments: This term is used along all Australian coastlines as an abbreviation of 'Deckhand'. As an commercial skipper from Queenland, anyone helping out who was neither skipper nor cook, was by default a 'deckie'.