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very good, cool, great: That movie was deadly!

Editor's comments: This usage is especially common in Aboriginal English.

Contributor's comments: Used when I was growing up in Darwin, still used by my friends when I go back there. Commonly used to describe things which are pretty cool, like a deadly car , bike or clothes, also used as a general exclamation like 'that's deadly' or 'too deadly for you'.

Contributor's comments: I found this term in very common use among the Aboriginal people I knew in Brisbane. Good food was also known as "deadly tucker".

Contributor's comments: Probably not widely used in Melbourne, but there is now an Aboriginal radio station whose name 3KND stands for Kook 'n' Deadly.

Contributor's comments: This word was used freely amongst children growing up on the Atherton Tableland at least in the 70's. It is often used out of context by certain members of the public who clearly have never grown up using it in everyday speech. ("The Deadly Awards" is a case in point). It may be used commonly within Aboriginal communities but is certainly not exclusive to these communities. I would suggest it is rather more commonly used in rural areas and has been "adopted" for use by some (perhaps in urban areas) as a uniquely indigenous word, hence its common and frustrating misuse.