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crusher dust

noun Crushed gibber pebbles were used in driveways, like gravel only real fine - we called this stuff crusher dust. Usually bright white / grey colour, unlike the deep grey or black exterior of the gibber pebbles.

Contributor's comments: In Mackay (Postcode 4740) Crusher dust is the small size quarried stone often blue in colour.

Contributor's comments: In North Qld this also is called 'cracker dust'

Contributor's comments: Also used in NT, SQ and WA. It is a waste product of quarries crushing blue stone aggregates. Generally consists of stones less then 4.75mm grading through to fine silts (0.75mm)

Contributor's comments: Crusher Dust is definately used in Queensland. Just about every home I know has had some laying around in their backyard at some time!!