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cream between

noun an ice-cream wafer. Compare eskimo pie, ice-cream sandwich, wafer.
Contributor's comments: Has anyone heard of this term being used in Western Australia?

Contributor's comments: I have heard that expression used to mean a well tanned person, naked.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] This was a brand name.

Contributor's comments: Cream betweens are delicious, a great memory from childhood. So simple yet tasty. Definitely Tasmanian.

Contributor's comments: Common on King Island, not seen or heard it as much since moving to Launceston.

Contributor's comments: In Launceston, between 1945 & 1970, Peters Cream between wafer icecreams were "the best".

Contributor's comments: I think it was spelled Kreem Between and was a slab of icecream between 2 wafers.
eskimo pie

slab of icecream between two wafers sold at picture theatres and deli's in 50's & 60's in SA only I think: Two eskimo pies and two orange drinks please. Compare cream between, ice-cream sandwich, wafer.

Contributor's comments: Eskimo Pie is presently available at the Trak Cinema in Burnside, Adelaide. It is a slab of icecream entirely surrounded by chocolate and sells for $2. It is extrememly well know and used in South Africa, where, in the sixties, it sold for a 'ticke.

Contributor's comments: In Tasmania and Victoria an Eskimo Pie has always been a vanilla icecream surrounded by chocolate. The ice confection described as vanilla ice cream between two wafer biscuits has only ever been known as a Cream Between and was made by Peters Ice Cream in Tasmania. I can certainly remember them in the late 1960s if not later. The ice cream came wrapped in a wax-proof paper and the wafer biscuits came unwrapped separately. Somehow they always seemed a little stale.
ice-cream sandwich

noun an ice-cream wafer. Compare cream between, eskimo pie, wafer.

Contributor's comments: This was referred to as an "ESKIMO PIE" in South Australia from 1940's to late 1960's or early 70's. It was sold by AMSCOL as an ESKIMO PIE and was probably registered as such.

Contributor's comments: Peter's Icecream Company sold an item called a Giant Sandwich.

Contributor's comments: Available in Perth as a 'Giant Sandwich', at least in the 80s & 90s and maybe still today.

Contributor's comments: It is definitely the Giant sandwich (which is still available). Melbourne has something similar but I can't remember the name and Wendy's used to sell an ice cream sandwich as well, don't know if they still do though, but I think they called is a cookie something.

In Melbourne in the 1940s and 1950s we called the slab of ice cream between to wafers a 'wafer', not a cream-between. Compare cream between, eskimo pie, ice-cream sandwich.