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noun a small swampy depression typically found in red-soil country. [from the Aboriginal language Kamilaroi (Liverpool Range NSW) guwal gully]

Contributor's comments: [SE Qld informant] Never heard of it before.

Contributor's comments: I've noticed when travelling that 'Cowal' is commonly used for 'creek' along parts of the Bogan and Macquarie River areas of NSW. I'm not sure, but I would guess this is somewhat south of traditional Kamillaroi country, suggesting perhaps that the original aboriginal word may have been more widespread.

Contributor's comments: Cowal, or Cowell - used for billabong or occasional water filled depression - in Warren NSW (Macquarie R. area)

Contributor's comments: Near my town there is a lake called Lake Cowal. Although it is dry most of the time it is apparently the largest natural lake in NSW.