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chuck a lap

to go for a drive around the main streets of Renmark: I'm bored, do you wanna chuck a lap?

Contributor's comments: This was also used in Gladsone in Queensland in the late seveties early eighties. If you were bored you could always chuck a lap down the waterfront or up the Goon.

Contributor's comments: This phrase was also used in Rockhampton when I grew up there. I'm fairly positive I heard it in Toowoomba in the 80's too.

Contributor's comments: "Chuck a lap" was also used in Lithgow, NSW in the 1970s. It also meant to drive around the city block a few times. Once the cinema closed down this was about the extent of the entertainment in the town most week nights.

Contributor's comments: Heard this term many times in Fremantle W.A. in the early 80's.