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a lolly or sweet: I'm just going to the shop to buy a bag of chonks.

Contributor's comments: A lolly or sweet: "Do you want a chonk?", "Can I please have 10 cents of mixed chonks?"

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] I have never heard this word used in my 47 years, nor in 26 years teaching primary school.

Contributor's comments: I lived in Melbourne, Lorne, St Arnaud, and Belgrave for 30 years, and never heard this term.

Contributor's comments: Lived in Melbourne for 49 years and never heard this expression, however my son, 33, is familiar with it as describing a bag of lollies.

Contributor's comments: I believe that 'chonks' is a Gippsland word only. I certainly used it continually when I was young.

Contributor's comments: I have lived in Gippsland for 17 years after coming from Melbourne. A few years back I heard some of my work mates discussing "chonks" and whose turn it was to go and buy some. They explained that "chonks" means lollies and they understood it to be a purely Gippsland term. I have not heard it anywhere since, but a number of my native Gippsland friends confirm that it means lollies and that they have always used the term.

Contributor's comments: When I was a new teacher in Traralgon, Gippsland, back in 1976, I heard students asking each other for chonks. But now (2002) they don't know of this word anymore. It must have "died"?

Contributor's comments: I have lived in Melbourne suburbs most of my life and have never heard this word.

Contributor's comments: I have lived in Melbourne for 57 years and have never heard this word.

Contributor's comments: I have lived in the Melbourne Metropolitan area all my life and have never heard of 'chonks'.

Contributor's comments: Must be non Melbourne in origin. I have never heard it.

Contributor's comments: Chonks - is a particularly Central and East Gippsland word. I grew up in West Gippsland and, while I knew the word, didn't use it. However, my wife grew up in Central Gippsland and it was commonspeak there (at least 10-20 years ago).

Contributor's comments: I've lived 50 years in Victoria - Gippsland, Melbourne & Northeast and never heard of chonks.

Contributor's comments: Lollies: "Can I please have $1 worth of mixed chonks."

Contributor's comments: chonks: bag of lollies: "Did you bring any chonks to school today?"

Contributor's comments: [ACT informant] chocolate or other sweet thing: "Let's get stuck into some chonk."

to engage in sexual intercourse.