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noun a cocktail frankfurt.
Contributor's comments: The 'cheerio' reference reminds me of the man at the Brisbane Ekka (show) who for many years outside the Hutton's stand yelling "hot cheerios".

Contributor's comments: Cheerio is also used in the Tweed area, not just in Qld.

Contributor's comments: I live in Gippsland and I've never heard of cheerios, we've always called them little boys.

Contributor's comments: [Brisbane informant] As a kid I always wanted to accompany my dad to the butcher, who would give me a free cheerio!

Contributor's comments: Have heard these referred to as 'little boys' by friends from Geelong, Victoria.

Contributor's comments: Little boys are known as 'cheerios' in Qld.

Contributor's comments: Little boys are called cherrios also in northern NSW.

Contributor's comments: Cocktail frankfurts: deli. in supermarket in Queensland.

Contributor's comments: I lived in QLD as a kid, and we used to get cheerios and put them in boiling water, take them out and dip them in tomato sauce, when I moved to the Hunter Valley (NSW) as a teen, no one knew what I was talking about.

Contributor's comments: In Sydney these are called "cocktail frankfurts", whilst "cheerio" means goodbye.

Contributor's comments: Cheerios are small frankfurters in Qld. When we moved to Perth this name produced blank looks in the delis, where they are called cocktail franks. When my sister's family visited from the UK, more confusion - cheerios is a cereal similar to Nutrigrain!

Contributor's comments: small sausages eaten cold or hot. Qld = cherios, NSW = cocktail franks, VIC = Little Boys: "We had cherios with tomato sauce to eat at her birthday party."

Contributor's comments: I always knew "cheerio" as a goodbye. My Brisbane-born mum used to tell us Melbourne-born kids that if you said "Cheerio!" in Brisbane then someone would give you a sausage. And to think I never believed her!