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chateau d'cardboard

cheap cask wine: We've got beer and some Chateau d'Cardboard.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] At our home we use Chateau Cardboard for cask wine, epsecially cheap stuff.

Contributor's comments: I have heard "chateau cardboard" (no "'d") used many times in Perth.

Contributor's comments: This has been in use in Brisbane since the Seventies. Also "Goon".

Contributor's comments: [North Coast Qld informant] I've heard this used a few times however, goon or goonie bag are more common for the really cheap varieties.

Contributor's comments: [Darwin informant] When cask wine is drunk by white fellas it is sometimes referred to as Chateau Cardboard or Goon.

Contributor's comments: [Western Vic informant] chateau de cardboard is also used inthe UK (although chateau cardboard is more common)

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] I have also heard the term "Box of dreams" in referring to cask wine.

Contributor's comments: Even though I've been in the NT for several years, this term was widely used in North Queensland where I grew up. I find that a lot of Territorian's tend to also use 'Lady in the Boat' for cheap cask wine due to having a picture of a lady sitting in a boat on the box.

Contributor's comments: In Perth is also called a box monster or a headache bag.