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A chasing game, known elsewhere as tig or tiggy: We played a game of chasey. Compare chasings, tag, tig, tiggy, tip2.

Contributor's comments: This term was commonly used in Perth as well.

Contributor's comments: Chasey is also used in South Australia.

Contributor's comments: Here in Melbourne, when I was a kid, most kids called it chasey.

Contributor's comments: We used 'tiggy' and 'chasey' interchangably at school in Melbourne in the 1980's. It usually depended on the game being played - eg either 'off-ground tiggy' or 'kiss chasey' or 'gang tiggy'.

Contributor's comments: Chasey was what I called it when I was in school in Melbourne but my kids now call it tiggy.

Contributor's comments: When I was in primary school in north east Vic during the 1950s and 1960s Barley was used during chasey or chasing games.