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cattle tick

Catholic (rude school child insult of the 50s): All the cattle ticks have gone to mass.Compare metholated spirits, mickey drip, press button.

Contributor's comments:This term is commonly used by some of my relatives, who are from Crystal Brook and Adelaide.

Contributor's comments:Growing up in Canberra (1960s-70s) the term cattle tick was occassonally used, though the more common term was "micks". Being micks ourselves, we were not using either term derogatively.
metholated spirits

People of the Methodist religion. Used by school children Nth Qld particularly when there was still religious instruction in schools. Calling someone a cattle tick or press button could get the response, 'Ya, ya metholated spirits: He's a metholated spirits.Compare cattle tick, mickey drip, press button.

Contributor's comments:[Melbourne informant] Living next door to a Methodist church in the 60s, they were always referred to as the 'Metholated Spiritualists'
mickey drip

Catholic (another rude shool child term of the 50s): All the mickey drips go to the convent school.Compare cattle tick, metholated spirits, press button.
press button

Someone of the presbetarian religion. We used it in Mackay Qld as a child at school when they still had religious instruction: There go the press buttons to church; He's a press button.Compare cattle tick, metholated spirits, mickey drip.