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someone who gets drunk easily (on a glass and a half): You are such a cadbury.

Contributor's comments: My son's friends in Armidale NSW used this to describe both those who got drunk easily and also those who got very silly after smoking a small amount of dope.

Contributor's comments: I have certainly heard of and used this expression, and I believe it to be reasonably well known in the Sydney area.

Contributor's comments: In Adelaide the use of "cadbury" was (is?) used: as in glass and a half. "She is such a Cadbury, she threw up after only 1 drink."

Contributor's comments: A lightweight, someone who can't hold their alcohol, comes from the Cadbury ad - a glass and a half: "Look at her, she's drunk after only 2 glasses of wine, what a Cadbury."

Contributor's comments: I have lived in Sydney and Canberra, and have never heard of this. I love it! But please recall that it used to be a glass and a half in every quarter pound block (250g) and now it is a glass and a half in every block (125g).

Contributor's comments: To go one further - there is the Dynamo - gets drunk on a third of a cup!

Contributor's comments: As in, 'a glass and a half and she's on the floor'. I've heard this in Brisbane, but I do have to explain it sometimes!