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In NSW, "but" is appended to a sentence as a finish: I'm going to the shops, but.

Contributor's comments: 'But' is also used in Victoria in outer east suburban / semi-rural areas. It is used in the 'normal' context of the word but placed at the end of the sentence instead. E.g. Person 1: "I want to go to the shops." Person 2: "We haven't got enough time but."

Contributor's comments: Our 21 year old neighbour in SE Queensland also uses but to end and reinforce a sentence. e.g. "Nice day but?" for "It is a nice day".

Contributor's comments: Never heard "but" added to the end of a sentence in rural NSW. Certainly in the central west, "eh" is an almost definite conclusion to a sentence, regardless of what it is. e.g. "I'm going to the shops, eh"

Contributor's comments: Sounds like it has a similar use to the NQ "ay" :-)

Contributor's comments: "But" can be the second last word in a sentence, if you also use "eh". eg in reply to "I thought you were going to mow the lawn" one might say "I went to the shops, but, eh?" where the last two words become one as in "budday?" I don't often use it, but when I do it annoys the heck out of my wife who grew up in Sydney. I grew up in Dubbo.

Contributor's comments: "But" at the end of a sentence is used in Sydney where it is the same as putting "but" at the beginning of a sentence. Thus "But I didn't do it!" is the same as saying "I didn't do it, but!"

Contributor's comments: North of Lake Illawarra "but" is often used as in Sydney, South of the lake "Ay" is used. Interestingly "Neh (like Nair)" is used in place of "isn't it?" as in "It's hot, neh!"

Contributor's comments: This word is used by Sydneysiders to terminate a sentence, with or without a rising inflexion. As a newcomer to Sydney in the 1980s, I regarded it as the Sydney alternative to the use of "eh" by my northern Victorian and Qld cousins. Although "but" was sometimes used in this way in the Riverina (where I grew up), this usage was far less common than in Sydney: "He tried his hardest but."

Contributor's comments: I lived my first 25 years in Melbourne and never heard 'but' used at the end of a sentence. It was only when I moved to Sydney that I heard it used.

Contributor's comments: Using "but" at the end of a sentence was common in north Qld.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] Asking for confirmation at the end of a sentence: "Nice day, but."

Contributor's comments: In the Western Suburbs of Melbourne where I grew up, it was reasonably common to end a sentence with the word "but". As in the recent conversation I had with my wife. Self: "She has long hair" wife: "hasn't she but" -the "but" is acting as a strengthener of the sentence. I don't know if this is common to my area or Australia generally.