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Game played by boys in Broken Hill. Bore a hole through a quandong seed, thread it with string, about 50cm long, knotted at the end. The boys draw a 50cm to 75cm circle on the ground, one puts his bully in the middle, holding the string, and his competitor whacks it with his bully, trying to smash it. They take it in turns if they miss, but any contact gets a free shot. Spare bullies are stored on another string. Source of bullies is whenever Mum cooked quandong pie. Newer bullies more prized as older one too brittle: Let's play bullies; Your bully is broken; I'm making some bullies.

Contributor's comments: Another similarity between Port Pirie SA and Broken Hill NSW. My peers also played the same game of "bullies" when we were boys.

Contributor's comments: A game played with wild peach stones on a string. Each player gets a turn to smash the other players stones: "The boys were playing bullies in the play ground."

Contributor's comments: [Riverina informant] Abbreviation for "bullseye" a favorite marble or taw slightly bigger than an ordinary marble, but slightly smaller than a "tombowler" and had predominantly red, black and white colouring.