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A thick, spicy sausage, which is generally made of beef and is common in butcher shops in central Victoria: Could I have a kilo of bullboars, thanks?

Contributor's comments: Recipes for this sausage arrived with Italian migrants into the area arriving arround the time of the gold rush in the Newstead, Yapeen and Daylesford region. Many of the families settled the area and the names of Gervasoni, Pedretti, Trevina and Godina are still around the area. Recipes were for a long time passed down from the Father to the oldest son as an inheritance and were fiercely guarded secrets. Many of the butchers in the area have acquired these recipes for significant sums from people with goods recipes. Having been to Italy a few times I have been unable to locate a similar tasting sausage and concluded that it is either from the Southern region (to which I haven't been to extensively) or that it has been altered based on Australian ingredients or possibly a bit of both.

Contributor's comments: I'm in Caslemaine... 30 kms from Daylesford; they have always been popular here as the local meat works 'The Baco' has produced them for years. People who have grown up in Castlemaine almost invariably know of the 'bullboar', people from places as close as Bendigo have not- very local!