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bull bar

a strong metal bumper on the front of a vehicle. Compare roo bar.

Contributor's comments: Bull bar is definitely prominent in Victoria too. Its used all around the Western District and Gippsland. Here, its much more common than 'roo bar.'
roo bar

the heavy metal protection on the front of a car; often seen on 4WDs used in the country; known in other areas as 'bull bars.': "Just as well we had the roo bar, otherwise Merle would have copped a pretty angry Red through the windscreen," Joe remarked about his wife's good fortune after hitting a kangaroo on the otherwise empty road to Kalgoorlie. Compare bull bar.

Contributor's comments: In the early 1970s, I had a Holden Ute and had a roo bar designed by the local welder - you couldn't buy them off-the shelf. My students use both roo and bull bar.

Contributor's comments: We used to use this term in country western australia too when I was living out near Ravensthorpe and Esperance.

Contributor's comments: I lived in Broken Hill from 1965 to 1970 after which my family moved to Orange. Until then I had never heard a roo-bar called any thing else. It took quite a few years before I learnt to call it a bull-bar. I am really suprised to see here that it is a WA term.