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electric light bulb: I have to replace the bulb. Compare globe.

Contributor's comments: I grew up on the far north coast of NSW, and we also called it a "light bulb".

Contributor's comments: While I grew up in SE Qld, I have lived in 4 other States, and was always understood when I spoke about "light bulbs".

Contributor's comments: I've lived in Sydney and the coast north of Sydney for over 60 years and it's always been a light "bulb" for me.

light globe: I have to replace the globe. Compare bulb.

Contributor's comments: I have grown here in Sydney with light globes, not bulbs. I still go and buy a light GLOBE.

Contributor's comments: Bulb & Globe appear to be interchangable in Tas.

Contributor's comments: I would remove 'globe' from the list of regional words. It's used throughout Australia. For instance, the Dick Smith Electronics catalogue lists the term in the index and uses it heavily elsewhere. DSE is based in NSW. The term is also widely used in Vic. It is sufficiently a national word that it has no regional variations and thus no place in a regional dictionary.

Editor's comments: You may well be right. But at the moment we are still trying to gather evidence. The contention is that (Dick Smith notwithstanding) there is a regional variation for "globe" vs "bulb". Does anyone use one of these terms and not the other in their area?

Contributor's comments: I've heard light bulb and light globe used interchangeably in Sydney.

Contributor's comments: "Globe" was for big lights, such as in the home; "bulb" was for torches or headlights.

Contributor's comments: I agree that globe and bulb are absolutely interchangable - throughout Victoria at least.

Contributor's comments: I'm from Queensland and I've never heard anyone use the word globe it is always light bulb. I thought globe was an English term but I see our southern friends use it. It is definitely a regional difference.