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Good looking person; a babe, male or female: That person is a buju! Also, budju.
Contributor's comments: Obviously an Aboriginal word, but used widely by school children throughout Darwin.

Contributor's comments: [North Coast Qld informant] The word budju is used as an insult referring to a woman's vagina.

Contributor's comments: First heard this in the mid 90s being used by friends in their 30s living in Adelaide. They told me it was from WA. It was also a negative term, once again relating to a woman's genitalia.

Contributor's comments: [Darwin informant] budju: an aboriginal word used in slang to denote someone who is good-looking: "Hey Budju!"

Contributor's comments: I concur with the North Qld contributor. My understanding of its use (extensively when I was at high school in Darwin many years ago) was a crude or derogatory use.

Contributor's comments: 'Budju' remains widely used in the NT as a matter-of-fact term for women's genitalia and, from the first time I heard it in the mid-1980s, I don't recall people using it as an insult. I assumed that it was qa word from one of the Aboriginal languages of the Top End. Over the past 10 years or so, it seems been progressively adopted by schoolkids in Darwin to replace the word 'spunk'. Like 'spunk', it now applies to both sexes.

Contributor's comments: When I was at high school in Darwin (1988 to 1991) buju was used to mean 'good looking'. Although we were aware of its alternative negative definition I never heard it used as a derogatory term.