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A chasing game where one child is it and has to hit another child with a ball (commonly a tennis ball): The kids were playing brandy in the playground. Compare brandings.

Editor's comments: Is this called "brandings" or "branders" elsewhere?

Contributor's comments: Brandy was played at my school in Adelaide in the 1950s.

Contributor's comments: I well remember playing Brandy, as described, at primary school in Wittenoom, North west W.A.

Contributor's comments: In West Ryde, Sydney, in the 70s, we only ever used the term 'brandings', never 'brandy' or 'branders'.

Contributor's comments: 'Brandy' was a popular game when I went to primary school in suburban Adelaide throughout the 1980s. Another more bloodthirsty version of the game involved players standing with their backs to a wall while he or she who was 'it' took aim with a tennis ball.

Contributor's comments: When I was at school in Fremantle in the fifties, Brandy was a common game.

Contributor's comments: This game was played at my primary school in the 60's in the Western District, Victoria. "Brandy" was the name we used.

Contributor's comments: Going to school in Sydney in the 80's it was only ever referred to as "brandings".

Contributor's comments: Brandy was in common use for the chasing game using a ball, as described, in Queensland from when I was young, and to the present .

Contributor's comments: We called the game 'brandy' during the 1970s. My experience was first in Girraween and then Berala in Sydney's west. The game was periodically banned at school as was British Bulldog.

Contributor's comments: Used at the primary school I went to in the 1960s (south west WA). Could be very fast and ferocious, especially when the boys 'branded' the girls. Always called brandy.

Contributor's comments: At primary school in East Gippsland we played 'Brandy', a chasing game involving a tennis ball, which was used by the person termed 'it', as in your 'it', to 'brand' another person in the game by throwing and hitting them with the ball, the 'branded' person became 'it', and the game continued in such a fashion, usually until everyone was too tired to continue playing.

Contributor's comments: We played brandy at school in central Victoria in the mid 90's with a tennis ball but the participants that were not "it" were also allowed a "bat tennis bat" (about the size of a table tennis bat but made of hard plastic) to defend themselves with.

Contributor's comments: Growing up in SE Queensland, we always called that game brandy.

Contributor's comments: [Riverina informant] Always called "brandy "in this area, and have heard "branders", too, but very rarely.

Contributor's comments: We played it at school, and at the pool in the 60 - 70's in the Wimmera, but looks like the kids of the 90's got a bit soft having a defence!

Contributor's comments: We played "brandy" in the 1950's and 60's in Melbourne. Never heard of "brandings" but it was possible for a player to be "branded" by a particularly sharply-thrown ball.

Contributor's comments: Yes, I agree, it was a popular school game in Adelaide schools in the 1980's. There was another corrupted version of brandy called "donkey kong" which involved hitting the ball at somone on the wall and then trying to jump over the ball by pushing it between your legs with your hands when it was rebounded from the wall.