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At high school in Coonabarabran in 1964 we played "brandies" or "brandys" (one would be branded by the ball). The one that was "in" had to throw and hit any one that was participating and then the one that got hit was "in". When the one that was "in" had gotten "in" around the corner of the metalwork room and hid the ball behind their back until they had gotten close to you it was a bit of a job to find out who was "in". We only used one ball and it only seemed to get played in the winter - one day suddenly we would all be playing brandies and some weeks later you wouldn't have got any one to play.

Contributor's comments: As a boy in Dubbo it was also known as "brandies." Wetting the tennis ball made the impact more fun for the thrower.

Contributor's comments: "Brandies" is played at my ex-school in North West New South Wales. I have travelled around a bit and have encountered it used in various towns such as Baan Baa and Gunnedah (I'm not sure as to the spelling).