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another name for a turd: Just went and dropped a big borrie down the dunny.

Contributor's comments: Borrie was used in our family in Geelong as a slang word for turd.

Contributor's comments: This word was common in Ballarat schools in the 70's and 80's when I was there, with the same meaning.

Contributor's comments: A recent article in the Age about the Werribee sewerage works mentioned Mr Borrie as the engineer in charge of the works and the subsequent association of his name to the matter.

Contributor's comments: There is a Lake Borrie at the Werribee Sewerage Farm, one of the original lagoons named after a former MMBW commisioner.

Contributor's comments: As far as I know, the origin of this realates to a "Lake Borrie" which is located at the Werribee Sewage Farm, hence the association with poo.

faeces: I need to borris! Also, borrie.

Contributor's comments: Borrie is in common usage amongst teenage boys in the Byron Bay region. I grew up in the region but it wasn't something in common usage when I was growing up.