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black sapphires: I found some bombs in the sapphire-wash.

Contributor's comments: 'Bombs' on the sapphire fields are large pieces of corundum (sapphire material) of little value except as specimens. They are usually black or dark blue (mid-night blue) but can be used for any stone that is large but valueless because of massive faults.

Contributor's comments: In my youth, the 1950's, a 'bomb' was always associated with swimming, whereby someone would tuck themselves into a ball and jump into the water next to someone to "bomb" them.

Contributor's comments: In Victorian (Melbourne 1960s+) a "bomb" is also a jump into water designed to cause maximum noise and splash. Usually executed by curling arms and legs in to hit the water as a solid ball, alternative style of yelling and flailing more likely to result in a bellywhacker instead.