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a lady's short summer jacket, not reaching the waist and usually without fastenings, used as a cover-up over a sundress, for example: She put her bolero on when the weather turned cooler.

Contributor's comments: Often part of girls' summer school uniform in Queensland, pronounced "boll-roh"

Contributor's comments: I think bolero is widely used in Australia & probably overseas so doubt that it is a regionalism.

Contributor's comments: We used Bolero in Sydney also.

Contributor's comments: I think this may be a Spanish derived word - didn't everyone call them that - we used it in Tasmania in the 80's.

Contributor's comments: This word was accented differently in Queensland to the southerners. The word was identical in meaning but accented differently - the south says boll- er - o.

Contributor's comments: Ordinary fashion term for the short jacket you describe. In use since at least the 1940s, and certainly what I wore as a 1950s New Zealand schoolgirl.