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bogger 1

nounone who shovels away waste material; boodler.

Contributor's comments:Also known central/north west Qld.

Contributor's comments:Bogger/ bogging out, is commonly used in underground mining in SA also.

Contributor's comments:'Bogger' along with many other mining terms would be prominent in WA. Cf mullock (also in SA) for words of Cornish origin, which bogger possibly is.
bogger 2

nouna type of front-end loader for removing "bog" underground.

Contributor's comments:It's also the name given to a piece of heavy machinery used in underground mining to remove "bog" - kind of like a front end loader.

Contributor's comments:Mechanical front end loaders are also called "boggers" in the Eastern Goldfields of W.A.

Contributor's comments:Underground Miners use boggers to clear out freshly blasted ore. A bogger is any type/size of underground low loader.