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bog lap

To drive around the same street a number of times: Let's go do bog laps.

Contributor's comments: I use this phrase all the time (I grew up in Perth) - but my work colleagues, who all come from Melbourne have no idea what I mean!!

Contributor's comments: Never heard of this in Hunter Valley NSW, we always said to "chuck laps".

Contributor's comments: Oh this is such a 'Perth' expression! "Do bog laps of Murray Street" was a common expression in the 1970s and 80s (before Murray St became a pedestrian mall). ACT colleagues haven't heard it, but they get the idea what it is (maybe because of the way I say it ...)

Contributor's comments: Haven't heard "bog lap" but "to chuck or hack a mainy" was to do a lap of the town's main street, a South Australian rural regionalism.