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a summons issued for a traffic or parking offence.

Contributor's comments: Commonly used in Sth Aust as well.

Contributor's comments: This term for a police 'summons' is still in use in Tasmania....the actual colour of the paper is/was blue.

Contributor's comments: Several other uses of "bluey"; refers to a blue bottle in NSW beaches. Also bluey as in "mate" (my mate bluey); blue cattle dog often referred to as a bluey.

a durable warm woollen type jacket: It's a cold one today, glad I'm wearing a bluey.

Contributor's comments: A bluey is a heavy woollen coat, ranging from a jacket to a full length coat; a bluey is warm and waterproof: "You'll need your bluey today, you can smell the penguin shit on that wind!"

Contributor's comments: overcoat of varying lengths, probably wool/warm and rainproof. Quote from Trampled Wilderness by R.& K. Gowlland. The Bushmen's Bluey, a huge woolen overcoat of finw woolen cloth, warm and waterproof. It was designed by Robert Marriott an early pioneer of the Derwent Valley Tasmania and marketed: "Put your bluey on if you're going out in this weather."

Large yabbies, that are black in colour. Yabbies change colour as they grow in size and age. The smallest are the greenies, then blueies(if I remember correctly), then blackies. When bands of kids used to go yabbying in the 50s and 60s, we would distinguish them by size and colour. The small greenies were most common. But everybody wanted to catch a big blackie. Blackies where the biggest and hardest to catch. They were a bit cheeky and could give a kid a nasty nip. The technique was to tie a bit of mincemeat to a piece of string and toss it into the yabby dam, then gradually start pulling it back as you felt the nibble. You had to pull it slow enough that the yabbie followed, but fast enough that there was still some meat left by the time you got it back to the dam edge. When you saw the bubbles, you had to scoop really quickly with Mum's sifter to catch the yabbie. Some of the blackies were so big they wouldn't fit in the sifter: We went yabbying this arvo. I got ten greenies and a real big blackie.
blue crab

Noun, Blue swimmer crab or Bluey: I caught six blue crabs and one whiting. Also, bluey.