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bloke of

A person having the name of ...: I was talking to that bloke of Smith (or that bloke 'a Smith) the other day. Compare boy of, girl of.

Contributor's comments: Bloke of/Girl of has been used extensively by a lot of the older residents of Parkes, N.S.W. for at least the last 50 years.

Contributor's comments: When I was at Newcastle Teachers College a lecturer in English Language told us that there were only two regions in Australia which used "the bloke of ..." "the girl of ...". Other areas omit the 'of' and just say the bloke Jones or the girl Smith.

Contributor's comments: Never heard of it. At high school and my early 20's it was common to use "mate". ie "I saw some mate walking down the road" or "I was talking to some mate in the pub the other day." The mate mentioned was someone unknown to the speaker. Some non-locals I knew queried it occassionally.