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blockie 1

a horticulturist. Specifically someone who owns a 'fruit block' which is a small acreage within the irragation district around the Murray at Mildura: Those blockies from Coomealla have always had it easy; their blocks are on that good red soil.Also, blocky, blocker.

Contributor's comments:Person who owns or manages a citrus and/or vineyard in the Sunraysia region of north west Victoria and south west New South Wales. A Block refers to the allocation of land that was awarded to ex-service personnel after the second world war: "He is a Blocky's kid and lives out Tretham Cliffs way, on the banks of the Murray River."

Contributor's comments:[Adelaide informant] Blocker sounds unfamiliar. To me it's always been blockie.
blockie 2

to drive around a block doing only left hand turns: Let's do a blockie to get that parking space.Also, blocky.

Contributor's comments:[Tasmanian informant] to go round the block very fast in a usually noisy car, often done by young men on a Saturday night: "There's someone on the street doing blockies again. I'd better call the cops."
blockie 3

person who buys a (usually unviable) block of land from a developer, moving from city to country: blocky expected to have a council garbage collection service even though his block was 20 kilometres out of town.Also, blocky.