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biggest mob

bigger than a "big mob"; as in (numerals) 1, 2, 3, big mob, biggest mob: Biggest mob of cattle over that hill, boss. (An exceptionally large number of cattle may be found over that hill, sir.)

Contributor's comments: I lived in 'The Gulf' in Queensland for about 13 years and 'biggest mob' was, and I'm sure still is, widely used there and in far western Queensland. It is used not only for animals but for anything that comes in large quantities.

Contributor's comments: "Big mob" a large number (usually of people): "There were big mobs of people at the race meeting." Came across this regionalism in the Pilbara of WA. It may be a form of aboriginal usage crossing over to European Australians who've lived in contact with aboriginal people.

Contributor's comments: A large number: Many people at the footy? Biggest mobs (or maybe) big mobs!

Contributor's comments: The biggest mob was in use and I am sure still is in region 27 Northern South Australia, 30 years ago when I lived there. The people of the Birdsville Track associated with the cattle industry used it extensively as well as the population of the town of Marree.

Contributor's comments: biggismob: biggest mob - a large quantity of anything. Stress on the first syllable infers an even larger amount. Used extensively by aboriginal children in Kowanyama: "Biggismob bullock - There is/was a large herd of cattle."

Contributor's comments: This is one use of 'mob'; there are big mobs of other uses, normally referring to groups of people. That is, you mob, them mob, us mob, etc.