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a jam filled donut: I would like the chocolate berliner please.

Contributor's comments: The Berliner is a Kitchener bun but without the cream, in Sydney it is called a jam donut: "I prefer Berliner buns to a Kitchener bun."

Contributor's comments: This is straight from German - probably due to the proportion of German settlers in South Australia.

Contributor's comments: A Berliner is simply the German word for donut and because the German-speaking world is renowned for its cakes you often see German terms used here. Torte would be another example. It is quite normal in the gastronomic world to use international terms. I do not regard this as an Australian regionalism.

Contributor's comments: Wrong!! A Berliner is a Jam Doughnut with Icing on top usually pink.

Contributor's comments: When I moved to Victoria from SA there were two words that tripped me up - they'd never heard of 'Berliners' and insist they're called jam donuts - and the scrolled flat pastries that South Australians call snails, Victorians call 'escargots'!

Contributor's comments: 'Berliner', from the German was an adjective describing a particular 'pancake' = Berliner Pfannkuchen, the second word understood and therefore dropped. The word migrated to Australia with the early German immigrants to South Australia. A Berliner is a 'nut' of yeast dough dropped into boiling fat, lard, or oil and quickly cooked on both sides. Sugar coatings of every description continued to be added during subsequent years, especially in South Australia. Jam was the original filling. During the anti-German attitudes generated by the first world war, the Berliner underwent a change. Cream was added to its filling and it became known as the 'Kitchener Bun' we still know today. The migrants after the second world war helped to recover the word Berliner for the bun. In South Australia it is now widely used and understood to mean a particular small round cake, slightly different from the Kitchener bun.

Contributor's comments: Berliner a sweet yeast bun filled with cream and strawberry jam coated in sugar(now kitchener bun renamed in WW1?) In NSW they call them "Jam Donuts" with no cream: "I love the old berliners with real cream not the mock cream they have today."

Contributor's comments: "Berliners" are never chocolate coated. Always plain, sugared and jam-filled. In Berlin they are called Pfannkuchen (Pan cakes)

Contributor's comments: Growing up in SA, berliners were also filled with custard.