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beer o'clock

Knock off time. End of the work day when it's time to wind down with a beer. When somebody asks the time, instead of saying 5 o'clock you say beer o'clock: Is it almost beer o'clock?

Contributor's comments:I've never heard beer o'clock in this region. I lived there for 22 years but have heard it in Melbourne and my ex-husband, a Victorian, still uses it here in Sydney. He's passed it on to my son who now uses it amongst his friends here in Sydney.

Contributor's comments:We use this term in western QLD.

Contributor's comments:Also used extensively in Bendigo.

Contributor's comments:Also used in Northern SA.

Contributor's comments:[Brisbane informant] I have never heard of this at all.

Contributor's comments:I have lived in Brisbane all my life and beer o'clock has been in common usage for at least 20 years that I know of.

Contributor's comments:I've lived in Sydney all my life and have known this term to be used in Sydney for most of that time.

Contributor's comments:beer o'clock is the common term for 5pm close of business throughout Sydney & North Sydney CBD.

Contributor's comments:The term 'beer o'clock' can refer to any time of the day you may feel like a beer. particularly after strenuous physical work or whilst away camping. During the working week 'beer o'clock' is certainly around the time you knock off from work...

Contributor's comments:I thought 'beer o'clock' came from 'The Simpsons'.

Contributor's comments:Never heard this used at all in Sydney. Heard the expression once in a song played by a Canberra or Melbourne band (the chorus involved audience participation. The singer would call "what's the time" and the audience replied "beer o'clock!")

Contributor's comments:Former Triple M radio hosts Club Veg used to sign off with this and where I work we always use it!

Contributor's comments:I have in various regions of the eastern half of Australia and beer o'clock is quite common for any time you want a beer.

Contributor's comments:When 'knock off' time comes around it is always refered to as beer o'clock where I work [Nth Coast Qld].

Contributor's comments:This is also a common term in the Cairns region.

Contributor's comments:This is used all the time in Tassie.

Contributor's comments:Known this term for years - first heard in Katoomba.