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battered sav

In South Australia a battered saveloy (battered sav in NSW) is known as a dippy dog: I would like a battered sav (dippy dog) with my fish and chips.

Contributor's comments: This is a "dagwood dog" in Qld, and is staple food at the "Ekka" each August.

Contributor's comments: I remember being quite amused when I first saw "saveloys in batter" listed as "battered savs" in Tasmania.

Contributor's comments: Battered Sav was always referred to your wedding tackle after having sex in the sand or beach..

Contributor's comments: from Qld but saw an order board in cafe at Moree NSW "dicks on sticks"

Contributor's comments: [Brisbane informant] I believe that unlike a dagwood dog or pluto pup, a battered sav does not have a stick in it. It is usually ordered at a fish and chip shop and thrown in with the rest of the order with no stick.

Contributor's comments: A battered sav and a Pluto pup are two totally different gourmet delights - both can often be found on the menu board. Apart from the Pluto pup having a stick to hold, the batter used is different - the Pluto pup batter is a sweet batter and puffs up when deep fried wheras the batter on a battered sav stays flat and may even have crispy edges - the Pluto pup has a franfurt inside and not a saveloy like the battered sav.

Contributor's comments: Growing up on the South Coast we used to buy battered savs.