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In W.A. a young bogan or the little brother of a bogan was known as a barry.

Contributor's comments: having a barry means having a bad day or a bad experience. (origin: from Barry Crocker Shocker became a shocker to a barry): "We had a barry; What a barry!"

Contributor's comments: While I was at high school here in Brisbane (not too long ago), a "barry" was referred to a bad, really poor joke. Often this was extended to include the joke-teller if they told these bad jokes often.

Contributor's comments: Barry has been further developed in the Newcastle area to "You've had a Barry Bazman". If you're told you've had a "Bazman", you've really stuffed up!

Contributor's comments: Barry is also used in Tasmania in the same context.

Contributor's comments: I knew of the use of 'barry' to describe things or experiences as shocking (rhyming slang derived from Aussie singer Barry Crocker, for 'shocker'). More recently, I've heard it widely understood and used from time to time in northern NSW.

Contributor's comments: To have a bad experience: "That was the biggest barry, a real shocker."

Contributor's comments: A Shocker. A cock-up, mistake or error. Rhyming slang with 'Barry Crocker': "Mate, you've had a barry."

Contributor's comments: I have used this word and heard it used often growing up in Sydney's North to describe a Shocker! Derived from Barry Crocker - you might have had a Shocker shortened to a Barry ! A Barry could be used to describe a particularly bad day or happening/event. As a result I recently called my newly acquired dog Barry - he had been abandoned and I rescued him from the pound. Since he had had a bit of a shocker I thought this name was particularly apt!

Contributor's comments: [Tasmania informant] If you were to say "he has done a Barry" it could mean that he had got a kiss out of a girl.

Contributor's comments: At school a barry was the equivalent of a nigel, especially when a person may be temporarily by themselves. A person who happened to sit by themselves one day could be called a barry. Relates especially to being by yourself on the bus.