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barker's egg

canine faecal matter, usually in unwanted locations like lawns and footpaths: Your mutt keeps laying barker's eggs on my lawn!; Sorry mate, I just trod on a barker's egg. Compare barker's nest.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] As a birds' egg collector in the 1950's it was common to "swap" birds' eggs with other collectors. Once I was caught by swapping an eagle's egg for a barker's egg. Imagine my disappointment when I found the egg to be a pile of dog droppings.

Contributor's comments: My uncle from Melbourne often referred to it as Barker's Eggs.

Contributor's comments: a dog dropping: "Careful you don't stand on that barker's egg!"

Contributor's comments: [Perth informant] A dog's t**d: "Watch out for that barker's egg!" or "Don't stand in that barker's egg."

Contributor's comments: Have heard this referred to as "barkers eggs" in SA.

Contributor's comments: When growing up in Melbourne, one of my friends used to refer to this as a 'barker's egg'.

Contributor's comments: In Melbourne in the early 1970's I also heard bleached dogs poo referred to as a "Ronnie". Dogs egg/barkers egg/Ronnie Barkers egg/"Ronnie" for short.

Contributor's comments: I seem to recall Dame Edna Everage using this phrase in one of her skits, it was something 'her mother used to say'!

Contributor's comments: My 57 year-old Coburg-raised father still refers to dog droppings as barkers eggs.

Contributor's comments: dog faeces: "I wish people would clean up after their dogs, and not leave barkers eggs all over the grass."

Contributor's comments: white sundried dog excretia: "watch out for the barkers eggs when you mow the front lawn."

Contributor's comments: My father, who grew up in the south-west of W.A. used this term many times. He caught me out when I was little talking about "those barker's eggs" and had me looking up at the trees trying to find the nest.