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noun a swimming costume. Compare budgie-huggers, budgie-smugglers.
Contributor's comments: In Perth I grew up with the word "bathers" instead of "cossie". We would also use "speedos" or "ballhuggers" or "racing bathers" for racing bathers and "boardies" for boardshorts.

Contributor's comments: My children grew up in WA in the 80's but speedos were always referred to as 'ballhuggers'.

Contributor's comments: The word 'Dick-pokers' was used to describe 'Speedos' or racing bathers when I was a teenager. I occasionally hear it now but not from people younger than around 30 years old.

Contributor's comments: In the western Sydney area we used the phrase "Dick Stickers"

Contributor's comments: Working at a Victorian pool I still hear children use the terms ballhuggers, dickpokers, and cockchokers.

Contributor's comments: As a youth in Northern Tasmania during the 1960's, I often heard and used "bathers". Second most common was "togs" or "swimming togs". Very occasionally heard people say "trunks". To refer specifically to Speedo-style bathers, we said "speedos", or -- when there were no adults in earshot -- jokingly, "dick-stickers" or "ball-huggers".

Contributor's comments: I have been guilty of wearing racing bathers all my life. This term is totally new to me in competitive swimming circles. These were the commonly used bathing costume of the surfers in the late 50's and early 60's.

Contributor's comments: We schoolkids n SE-Qld in the '80s and '90s frequently called them meathangers, cockjocks or dickpointers, rather than dick-stickers/pokers.

Contributor's comments: The West Australians I work with refer to Speedos as CJ's short for Cock Jocks. Also when my little nephew over east was wearing his UV jumpsuit thing they called it his 'Shirvo' as in Matt Shirvington, with his tackle (another regionalism) free as a bird to move about.

Contributor's comments: Never used the term ballhuggers. In Sydney the term used was Slug Huggers or Sluggos for short. Also Dickstickers, usually worn by Clubbies.

Contributor's comments: I grew up in Perth in the 1980s and "ballhuggers" were tight footy shorts. We used to call bathers "cock-jocks".

Contributor's comments: A circle of my mates routinely referred to speedos as 'knob-togs', though this was more commonly just abbreviated to the vernacular 'knobbies', as in 'ah mate, got ya knobbies on eh ?'.

Contributor's comments: My kids grew up in Toongabie, Western Sydney and always called 'Speedos' bum-suckers.