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to pick,to choose: I bags the first beer out of the esky.

Contributor's comments: I think this is a fairly common expression in the schoolyard in NSW.

Contributor's comments: People in the ACT use "bags" as a verb meaning "want" or "select" in the same way as the above. "Bags" as a noun is often used to refer to "luggage" or "suitcases"

Contributor's comments: Although I moved to Perth 12 years ago I grew up on the NSW North coast and then lived in Sydney. I am sure that I have heard and used this expression all my life, certainly in my childhood.

Contributor's comments: The use of the word "bags" was used in the mid-north of South Australia around the Burra/Clare region in the 1950s meaning that one reserves the right to go first in a game or to be the one (for example) who is the person who counts during hide and seek etc.

Contributor's comments: When I lived in Ireland we used (and still do) the term "bags" to mean "first option" on something. Like if getting into the car then I would "bags" the front seat before my brothers did or they "bagsed" (sp!) the left overs when mum was baking.

Contributor's comments: As I went to Primary school (grades 1-6) in the late70's early 80's this term was used by the boys at my school when we saw something desirable like a motorbike, as in "bags that bike!" but by about yr 6 for me (1984) it was hardly used.

Contributor's comments: I live in Newcastle and Bags is a common word, but my mum was brought up to say Bads.

Contributor's comments: I don't think bags is regional Australian at all. It is widespread throughout the UK and has been since at least the 1950s.

Contributor's comments: This expression is common in New Zealand. I grew up using it in Wellington. My Auckland relatives likewise. Less commonly used by adults.

Contributor's comments: We also use 'bags' in this way in Melbourne.

A particularly handsome young man. We used this in Adelaide in the late 80s. It was a private girls school. We may have invented it: Phoa! check out that bag!