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the outer Darwin area/Darwin rural area. First appeared the media: He lives out in the badlands.

Contributor's comments: I think this term is an aberration. 'Badlands' was used once in an ABC documentary about a fugitive hiding out in the Darwin rural area. We all fell about laughing at the use of this emotive and probably ironic term. It hasn't reappeared in any media since.

Contributor's comments: Have not heard this. Just called "the rural area" by many or "down the track" if it is a bit further away.

Contributor's comments: The 7 Aussie Badlands. It's true that in every culture and every town or city, there are "no go" areas, "Badlands" where we know not to venture into and which locals avoid or desert. One such example is the road from Rockhampton to Mackay in Queensland, known as 'The Horror Stretch'. This piece of Capricorn Country's described by Ross Gibson as an "immense, historical crime scene", as well as a notorious Aussie "Badland". Source: