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back-seat bogan

the kids that sat in the very back seat of the school bus (which is where the bogans usually sat) -- around in Perth in the 1980s: Don't sit there, you back-seat bogan!

Contributor's comments: In Brisbane in the 1980's we used the term "back-seat bevan" or "back-seat bevs".

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] we used this expression at school in the late 80's and early 90's simply to refer to the people sitting in the back seat of the bus at the time.

Contributor's comments: Bogan is definitely understood (at least in my child-hood) as a particular social set characterised by flannelette shirts, ugg boots, black t-shirts advertising heavy metal bands etc. However, I have never used the word in this phrase (or heard it used). I am much more familiar with the phrase "back seat toughie" for this meaning.

Contributor's comments: [Perth informant] A bogan sitting in the back seat at the cinema. I heard this in reference to myself as I sat down at the rear of a cinema, by someone amongst a group of teenagers or 20yo's. It was said with a sarcastic tone of voice. I was wearing a check shirt, jeans and shoes. I suspect there was also an element of sleaziness attached to the meaning.

Contributor's comments: [Tasmania informant] When I was at school, the people who sat on the long back seat, were called back seat bogans.