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back sack

Bag or pack you carry on your back with straps over your shoulders: Don't pack too much in your back sack.
Contributor's comments: The only reason I raise this as a regionalism is that I saw them described as 'back sacks' on a Victorian children's television program.

Editor's comments: The general, Australia-wide, names for this item are "back pack" and "ruck sack". Is anyone else familiar with the term "back sack"?

Contributor's comments: I am from Melbourne and every school day I carried a back pack to school, but they have also been called ruck sacks.

Contributor's comments: The word back pack is used in Tassie all the time!

Contributor's comments: There used to be a children's television programme, "Lift Off", in the early 90s. There were backpacks on there with faces that they called back sacks.