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The origins of anyone who was not born in Broken Hill: Who is that person over there?I don't know - must be from-away.

Contributor's comments: Yep. This is the only region where I have heard this particular regionalism.

Contributor's comments: Any area which was not in the local vicinity, which was within about 100km: "John Smith is not a local, he is from away."

Contributor's comments: I heard this expression in Hill End, NSW on the weekend.

Contributor's comments: Used with "from" as he's from away, for anyone (resident -- no matter how long they may have lived there, or visitor) not born on King Island.

Contributor's comments: "Away" was in general use on King Island when I lived there during the 1960s. "Did you buy that car away or on the island?"

Contributor's comments: I've also heard this used around Crookwell in the Southern Tablelands of NSW.

Contributor's comments: I've only come across this in Broken Hill. It is also used when people travel out of town, for example "I'll ring you when you're back from away."