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a weekly getting-together of everyone in the school, for announcements to be made to everyone en masse. Commonly held outside with pupils lined up rank and file. In primary school often entailing a rendition of the national anthem [God Save the Queen when I was a little tacker] and a display of "marching". Compare parade.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] Whole or part of school assembled - particularly on Monday morning to sing National Anthem, celebrate student achievments, have guest speakers, etc. When I was a child in the 60's we used to salute the flag, sing 'God save the Queen' and recite the oath. 'I love God and my Country / I will serve the Queen and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the laws': "We have an assembly this morning so you need to be in the hall at 9:00am."

Contributor's comments: Also used in Melbourne.

Contributor's comments: Very common in Brisbane high schools, primary schools more often use 'parade', the difference may be that marching seems to be a primary school only pastime. Many schools have buildings designated as "assembly halls".

Contributor's comments: Assembly is most definately used in the Northern Territory.

Contributor's comments: 'Assembly' has always been used in Brisbane at all schools I've heard of.

Contributor's comments: This term is also used in a similar fashion in the ACT.

Contributor's comments: Certainly used on the Far North Coast of NSW.

Contributor's comments: [Tasmania informant] We definately had school assemblies. Also work or community meetings are often referred to as an assembly.

Contributor's comments: Sorry, but Assembly is what they call it in the States, too.

Contributor's comments: Assembly was used in South Australia in the 50's and 60's when I was there in school.

Contributor's comments: "Assembly" was certainly used in Southern NSW in the 1970s.

Contributor's comments: We always went to a weekly 'assembly' while at high school. This was the official term and not just slang.

an assembly of everyone in the school, usually once or twice a week. Commonly held outside: I'm going to be late for school and we've got parade this morning! Compare assembly.

Contributor's comments: [Adelaide informant] At my school, this was "assembly".

Contributor's comments: During my school days in Brisbane, a parade of the entire school was held EVERY morning before classes commenced.

Contributor's comments: [Brisbane informant] "Parade" is exclusively outside (ie. on the parade-ground), while assembly is an indoor gathering of the school. Parade is likely to occur at primary school rather than high school.