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A corruption of the word "ask", which is phonetically spelled "arsk" Often heard when talking to country people in the North East of Tasmania: I arksed him where he lived.

Contributor's comments: I work in the western area of Sydney, and find this word quite common among my colleagues. Even some who are tertiary educated.

Contributor's comments: The first time I came across "arks" as a mispronunciation of "ask" it was used by a family I knew from country Victoria, who had moved to South Australia. Since then I've heard it from other Victorians, which made me wonder if it was being taught that way in their schools! When I corrected my friend, he was totally oblivious. I jokingly "asked" him what the biblical Noah had transported the animals in. "Noah's Ask"? He wasn't impressed.

to cry: Jake is arking up and no-one is getting any sleep. Also, ark up.

Contributor's comments: Ark up or arking up is to lose ones temper with some one or to get "fired up", usually in conversation.