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arcing up

crying: The baby is arcing up a lot today.

Contributor's comments: In this part of North Queensland when someone arcing up they normally becoming upset about something.

Contributor's comments: Arcing up is common in Victoria - used as an expression of angry reaction.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] 'Arcing up' at someone is to launch a verbal attack on them.

Contributor's comments: [Sydney informant] Heard this used many times over the last 50 years but usually referred to someone who 'bridled up' at a particular comment.

Contributor's comments: I think it comes from steel welders starting to weld so look away.

Contributor's comments: Have heard it used to describe getting agressive toward someone, but also refering to lighting up a smoke (Most commonly a joint).

Contributor's comments: This word was commonly used in Kalgoorlie to mean starting up an appliance and I've also heard it used to describe students getting louder and obnoxious!

Contributor's comments: Common at country Bachelor & Spinster balls when the ute engines are revved up until they make a big cracking noise. "Arced up, went berzerk, signed off with circle work"

Contributor's comments: Arcing up is used in by soldiers when describing a significant burst of small arms fire, generally associated with an ambush or similar occurrence.

Contributor's comments: I first heard this in Alice Springs in 1996. It was said to mean "losing your temper" or "getting defensive"... I think it might be related to the arch in a cat's back used to ward off an offending approacher.

Contributor's comments: [Melbourne informant] Yes, to "Arc up" as in aggressively emotional. From Arc welding, fire up - sparks fly.

Contributor's comments: I've heard this term used to mean a few of the things mentioned in previous comments. Particularly the reference to the military types opening fire. I've also heard it used in the NT as someone getting rather angry.

Contributor's comments: To me "arcing up" is usually used to refer to a crowd getting louder and more hyped up. This can either be in an aggressive or a good way.

Contributor's comments: After the lekkies have jerked their wires there is that first turning on of the juice. If there is a problem the switchboard will produce an arc (a very hot spark). Similarly when starting a big machine after major maintenance, it is smoke-tested by firing-up, by turning on the jolts. An alternative to the command "Arc 'er up!" is "OK, kick 'er in the guts" or even "Hit the tit!".