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a playing marble. We used the word aggott or aggotts (unsure of spelling). Schoolyard slang, early 50's. Compare acker1, aggie, aggles. Also, agate.

Contributor's comments: Can't believe you don't have anatomy as a subject area. I have heard the word aggots used when refering to the testicles, especially for an unfortunate batsman. "He's copped a nasty one in the aggots."

Contributor's comments: Proper spelling would be 'agate' for the mineral. Used for marbles, and also used in cricket. One could bowl a great 'agate' - an excellent delivery, or in turn hit a batsmen in the 'agates'. Used in Melbourne and Sydney.

Contributor's comments: Aggot (I would have spelled it agate) for a marble was common usage during my years at Manly West Primary School in Sydney during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Contributor's comments: We used to play alleys in the outer Northern suburbs of Melbourne in the the 1960's. Typically they were the clear ones, while the opaque ones were 'aggies' or 'agates', and the big ones were 'tombolas' (that's a guess at the spelling)

Contributor's comments: Another use of the word aggot which I have heard especially in the school playground is slang for "faggot" so the teachers don't know that they're saying a swear word.

Contributor's comments: This term also used quite often in the Northern Territory.

Contributor's comments: Agates was a common term for testicles in Queensland in the 1980's. In Bundaberg, a greyhound was named "Only Agate" because it only had one testicle. Another greyhound, similarly afflicted, was named "Fourteen Pound" (one stone).