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acker 1

nouna large playing marble; alley.
Contributor's comments:(from SA) Never heard ackers before - always alleys or doogs.

Contributor's comments:As a child in Melbourne, we used to call the large marbles 'tomboller'. Not sure how you'd spell it.

Contributor's comments:Never used in SA as far as I know. We only used Alleys, Doogs, Catseyes, and Tom Bowlers for large glass ones.

Contributor's comments:[SA informant] Never heard acker before either.

Contributor's comments:In Tassie, we kept an acker in our marble collection. NB never came across a 'doog'.
acker 2

nouna pimple or zit.

Contributor's comments:In Melbourne an acker has always been a pimple.

Contributor's comments:We used this all the time at my (boys) highschool in Meadowbank in the 80s.

Contributor's comments:Ackers = acne. "Ackers" all over me face.

(from King Island) testicles: He was hit in the ackers while playing cricket.

Contributor's comments:Being hit in the aggates was the expression we used.

Contributor's comments:Here in the UK we say "knackers": "ackers" sounds like a contraction of this. In the Midlands region of England, "ackers" means "money".