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1.  someone from Victoria (from south of the River Murray): Joe here is just visiting. He is a mexican.
2.  someone from NSW or anywhere south of the border.

Contributor's comments: "South of the border, down Mexico way."

Contributor's comments: Queenslanders also use mexican to refer to people from NSW - mexican means 'south of the border' rather than just a river.

Contributor's comments: Also used in Queensland for southerners, not just NSW.

Contributor's comments: I've also heard the term used in Canberra (ACT) when describing lovely Victorians.

Contributor's comments: Someone from south of the border: "Plugger used to be a Mexican but he's OK now."

Contributor's comments: My friends and I (from Sydney) used this term quite frequently in the 80's for people from Victoria, though its a term that I haven't heard for a few years. We also referred to Victoria as Mexico.

Contributor's comments: When I was living in FNQ and CQ, Mexicans definitely came from Victoria and Cockroaches came from NSW. A standard joke that I heard many, many times was, "Q: Why are Mexicans better than Cockroaches?". "A: They're further away".