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Curly Bells

temporary seating: The Grandstand was full so we had to sit in the Curly Balls. Also, Curly Balls.

Contributor's comments: I have heard Curly Bells (not Balls) referred to in the ACT as temporary grandstands. Probably by a Queenslander, though but eh?

Contributor's comments: We've lived in Queensland all our lives and call temporary seating 'curly bells'

Contributor's comments: Curly bells is definitely the term as used where I grew up (FNQ and NQ). Generally used for stands of a more temporary nature.

Contributor's comments: scaffolding type temporary grandstands: Not Curly Balls as you have listed - Curly Bell was a person who first constructed this type of stand. Thus, "There was a big crowd so we sat up in the Curly Bells so that we could see."

Contributor's comments: A transportable set of public seating. Normally used at sporting events. Named after Curley Bell of Townsville who made and hired the Units. Used in Townsville in the 60's & 70's. Also known in the Burdekin area: "Go and sit in the Curley bells." "I will meet you in the Curley Bells beside the Grandstand."

Contributor's comments: Open air grandstand at a sports field: "Let's sit in the curleybelles."